Ibogaine Thailand is dedicated to spiritual individuals who are ready for the next level in their conscious evolution. We provide a safe & nurturing environment for your spiritual journey/treatment in the comfort of a beautiful tropical island paradise in Southeast Asia. The Iboga plant (which contains the Ibogaine alkaloid) has been used for thousands of years in African shamanic rituals for its seemingly magical ability to speed up spiritual and emotional evolution. In more recent times ibogaine has been found to have considerable potential in the treatment of addiction to opiates, (heroin, methadone, suboxone, morphine) methamphetamines, cocaine, alcohol and nicotine.

We specialize in opiate addiction treatment and recovery. Ibogaine attaches to your opiate receptors taking away cravings and withdrawals.   In centers across the world, ibogaine has an 80% success rate. Within 1 hour after ingestion 100% of our clients feel their addiction and withdrawals leaving them. Some undergo Ibogaine therapy for treatment of substance abuse; others seek spiritual or emotional growth. For the addict, both can be accomplished at the same time. Often spiritual or emotional damage is at the heart of a substance abuse problem, and this healing is vital to true recovery.  


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Stop Killing Yourself With Pharmaceuticals…….

It is true that Big Pharma has control over our lives and it is time to take that control back. Side effects and being misdiagnosed are detrimental to you health and even your own life. Nature provides us with all the answers for alternative ways to heal every ailment and disease, if caught in time […]


Studies Show Psychedelics Effectively Treat Depression.

Treating depression with psychedelics is not something new, but is a method suppressed by the people in power because of it’s effectiveness.  Since 1/2 of all Americans are diagnosed with some form of depression, I think it’s time we started looking for permanent solutions instead of a lifelong slavery to pharmaceuticals with dangerous side effects. […]



Colloidal Mineral Therapy

We offer all our clients a FREE 250 ml. bottle of each of our products: Quantum Silver, Gold, Platinum, Magnesium, Zinc and Copper for pre-treatment and well as post-treatment.

HIV Treatment

Iboga is an Anti-Retroviral Herb.
It is often chemically extracted to isolate the Iboga alkaloid called Ibogaine. Fortunately, Iboga contains 12 active alkaloids that have been shown to host a variety of medical benefits. A recent study shows the antiviral benefits of another of Iboga’s alkaloid congeners – 18-MC, or 18-methoxycoronaridine.

Natural Hepatitis/Herpes Treatment

Hepatitis C is the most common infection in the United States. The use of ibogaine for the treatment of HCV was discovered by an ibogaine activist/advocate that was infected with. Hepatitis C and was self treated. In 1990 the Anti-Hepatitis C Effects were reported and in 2005 Howard Lotsof filed a patent application for the use of ibogaine to treat Hepatitis C.

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